The Blueberry Experience

Blueberry Hills was built on our original family homestead from the early 1900’s. In 2002 we broke ground on the barn (the restaurant) in March 2002, and opened it in November 0f 2002. We had our sites set on being “somewhere to go and something to do” in a very seasonal tourist town that had a tendency to roll up the sidewalks outside the typical “Memorial Day – Labor Day” crowds, and to be here for the locals year round. Our “big idea” was to have a fun blueberry u-pick and maybe sell cold drinks, a few pies and burgers for folks during that time. People get hungry, you know!

Blueberry Hills has become popular by locals and world wandering tourists alike, as news of our gorgeous Lake Chelan valley is making headlines around the world for its stunning topography, endless days of sunshine, and a bit of Norman-Rockwellism.

Lots of Love
Blueberry Hills was named by Seattle Times “One of the TOP 4 Restaurants in Washington State Worth the Drive for Breakfast!” and awarded King 5’s “Evening Magazine Viewer’s Choice Award,” “2nd Best Destination Restaurant in Washington,” in 2017.

Watch the video below for more info on who we are and how all this crazyness happened! Blueberry Kari 🙂

We consider our family business and its décor to be a tribute to Grampa, family, and other local farmers of the Lake Chelan Valley. He never threw anything out! Throughout the restaurant/gift shop, you’ll find hundreds of items from Grampa’s old work shed. Old fishing poles, photos, bikes, a red wagon and even a display of hundreds of eyeglasses, are all part of the junk (memorabilia) that he acquired over the years.

Before we opened, Grampa (Paul Frank Peters), would sit downtown Manson with his old crownies drinking coffee and they would talk endlessly about how crazy we were for doing “whatever it was” out here. He’d tell us “Ain’t noone comin’ out there, you’re wastin’ your money and I AIN’T GIVIN’ YA ANY!!” Truth be told, we were afraid he just might be right.

We opened in November of 2002. BTW, the dumbest thing you cold possibly do is open a restaurant out in the middle of nowhere AND in the dead of winter in a seasonal tourist town. Well. We did it. And they came. We were so surprised! And Grampa was here to see it. He’d wander from table to table asking folks where they were from. He’d write down their names on a tiny piece of paper in his front shirt pocket (like usual), and then he’d take their picture. He was so funny and oh-so predictable. He would buy the smallest roll of film available, so he could make more trips to Wenatchee so Walmart and get them developed. (Grampa loved a trip to town!) When he got them back, he’d carefully write the peoples names on the back as well as the date he took the picture. He was an amazing documentarian (as were his dad and granddad before him). We have their journals to prove it.

We didn’t realize how excited Grampa actually was for our success. He was typically here all day, but one day he disappeared and no one knew where was. Gramma was lookin. We were all lookin. We thought maybe he was out riding the neighbor’s German shepard, Gracie Lou, on his motorcycle, but nope. Gracie was at Blueberry Hills lookin’ for him too. The mystery was solved when he showed up a couple hours later with his prized posession: his Texas Longhorns. We dont even know where he had them hid. When he lugged those in the front door, we knew we had “arrived” in Grampa’s eyes, and it was a really big deal. We mounted them over the front door and I’ll never forget the look of pride on his face when we did it. It’s been 20 years, and they’re still there. He was so happy that folks loved seeing all his “stuff” inside the barn. He was in his element as an old farmer sharing his love of farming and stuff with “city folks.”

It’s so hard to write this and it never gets any easier to talk about. Grampa was only able to see our first three months of success before he had an accident down in his shed. We still miss him every day, but feel his presence with us every day. And he still gets a kick out of “city folks” enjoying his “stuff!” So. please feel free to look around the barn. Grampa loves it!

We’re not sure why people love Blueberry Hills so much. Perhaps it’s the warm, family atmosphere, fresh picked blueberries or delicious down-home, scratch, country cooking. Then only not-so-secret to our success is our heart for service and the desire to love and live in community with locals and new comers alike.

Blueberry Hills serves breakfast and lunch both from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. year round. We are known for fresh, hand-rolled crust for our award winning, delicious fruit and cream pies, Danish yeast waffles, blintzes, and a 400-mile French dip sandwich, and lots of other delights and deliciousness.

We don’t take reservations. We have you just come on out! Thank you for loving Blueberry Hills! 🙂 Blueberry Kari