The Blueberry Experience


Built in the early 1900’s as a fruit stand to sell blueberries three months of the year, the “BARN” is now home to a popular restaurant and well known by locals and tourists alike. It was named by Seattle Times “One of the TOP 4 Restaurants in Washington State!” and awarded King 5’s “Evening Magazine Viewer’s Choice Award,” “2nd Best Destination Restaurant in Washington,” in 2017.

Co-Owner and General Manager, Kari Sorensen, considers their family business and its décor to be a tribute to the local farmers of the Lake Chelan Valley and, of course, Grampa. He never threw anything out, she says. Throughout the Restaurant/Gift Shop, you’ll find hundreds and hundreds of items from Grampa’s old work shed. Old fishing poles, photos, bikes, a red wagon and even a display of hundreds of eyeglasses, are all part of the stuff (memorabilia) that he acquired over the years. As the original and loudest doubter of this idea, he had changed his tune, and given his full endorsement. Demonstrating his approval, he allowed his prized possessions – a famed Texas Longhorns, and an Anvil which he bought from the Indians over 40 years ago, to be displayed.

Perhaps it’s the warm, family atmosphere, fresh picked blueberries or its delicious down-home, scratch, country cooking is why people return to the farm. There’s no secret recipe to the family’s success. But the Sorensen’s truly believe that Blueberry Hills has a heart of its own and it just wants everyone that visits to be happy.

Blueberry Hills is often busy serving breakfast and lunch from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily. It is known for fresh, scratch-crust fruit pies, Danish yeast waffles, blintzes, and a 400-mile French dip sandwich.

No reservations are required. But because of its popularity, please anticipate a wait during peak harvest season. We appreciate your patience and thank you in advance.