Join us for a virtual tour of Blueberry Hills Restaurant and our gorgeous blueberry fields!

Just use your mouse or touch screen to navigate through our restaurant and fields. Enjoy! :)


Welcome to Blueberry Hills! Come on in folks! :)



Blueberry Hills in the lovely spring....


Blueberry Hills in the summer -- come and pick! :)


Check out our great fruit stand....

Blueberry Hills is really beautiful in the fall! Yep. (We're still here folks!)

Check out the berry fields that are so red they look like they're on fire. Gorgeous! And better yet -- those are the anthocyanins after they've been released by the cholophyl in the plants to translocate. (Google it! :)


Blueberry Hills in the winter. Quiet. Lovely. White.
(And yep. We're still here! ;) Open in the winter from Wednesday--Sunday, 8-3...