Blueberry Research

The clinical trials listed on this site are really interesting. There is a published list of current, ongoing and completed trials on website. Click HERE and it'll take you to all the blueberry related trials. It's a very cool search engine. There's even a tab you can click on that is an interactive map that shows where the research is taking place in the world. If you want to search for something else, simply type it into the upper right box and it'll give you the results for those trials. Check it out!

Below is a list of constantly updated PUBLISHED STUDIES that provide more specific details on the many ways blueberries may promote good health. To view more details and see actual research results, simply click on the (html) within the category, and it’ll take you to all of the studies within the category.  Enjoy!  

Category Author Annotated
Absorption (html) (html)
Aging (html) (html)
Antibacterial (html) (html)
Antioxidant (html) (html)
Bone (html) (html)
Brain (html) (html)
Cancer (html) (html)
Cardiovascular (html) (html)
Clinical Trials (html) (html)
Diabetes (html) (html)
Exercise (html) (html)
Eye (html) (html)
Gut (html) (html)
Immune System (html) (html)
Inflammation (html) (html)
Liver (html) (html)
Mammary (html) (html)
Metabolic Syndrome (html) (html)
Miscellaneous (html) (html)
Obesity (html) (html)
Phytochemicals (html) (html)
Plant Components (html) (html)
Processing (html) (html)
Recent Research (html) (html)
Reviews (html) (html)
Skin (html) (html)
Urinary Tract (html) (html)

You can find this information and LOTS MORE on their official website at

 Research papers included in the Library are selected by (hat tip) Dr. Ron Prior, Ph.D,
with support from the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council and the Wild Blueberry Association of North America