Looking for a great summer job?

Apply NOW to start in the spring for summer jobs! 

Blueberry Hills always increases its staff during the ridonkulous, super busy, off the charts summer months! We always have some of the same dynamic, wonderful crew come back year after year, as they start in high school and work their way through college with us. And then?! They have to "grow up" and become a part of the year round working folks out there in the big world. I hate that part! (But we still love you guys and you're still part of the family!)

Good people!
The staff at Blueberry Hills works so closely together that they really are like family. To work that close and at such a fast pace, you've got to have your head in the game at all times -- and have a smile and great attitude at the same time! Have you ever just stood and WATCHED the staff work on a busy summer day? It really IS like watching a very well oiled machine. I am so proud of these guys! They do such a fantastic job and we get compliments from customers about them on a daily basis. I love the fact that our food is so FABULOUS -- but the fact that we've got such a TOP QUALITY staff that are out there making customers happy? It's the cherry on top!

What kind of joint IS this, anyway?
I have to say it. We really ARE different. There are a whole lot of work places out there that provide a work environment that's "ok" with backbiting, cliques, negativity and gossiping. I know it weeell. I've worked in a few. As a matter of fact, I had a really, really, really HORRIBLE time in high school. I even tried to quit a couple times, but that's another story. (Isn't it too bad that THOSE are the memories that stick with you?)  Fortunately, I believe that carrying those memories has made me better employeer. We have absolutely ZERO TOLERANCE for any of that type of B.S. (ahem, behavior).  Our focus at Blueberry Hills is to hire people with great attitudes and work ethics and surround them with others' that have the same. When we do this -- there's an amazinng synergy that happens and it's really encouraging and uplifting to be a part of! I tell "the kids" that "good customer service STARTS with taking care of each other FIRST and the rest falls into place." And it does! 

So, we're looking for a few good people!
If you're hard working, kind hearted and have a heart for others, have great customer service skills, you're outgoing with great energy, able to multi-task, have attention to detail, you don't look like you just crawled out of bed, you smell good, and you do what you say you're going to do?! You're the BOMB -- AND --



So -- Apply NOW!
It's not too early! I am putting together our late spring/summer crew NOW, so download our APPLICATION <---That's a hot link folks!) 

Please note, it's very important to answer EVERY QUESTION on the application, so please read it carefully. (FYI, part of the application process is to see how well you follow instructions and pay attention to detail... :) 

Employment Requirements
You must provide us with a Current Food Worker Card 2 WEEKS PRIOR TO YOUR SCHEDULED START DATE.  Any Food Worker Card issued within the State of Washington is valid. IF your card expires during the period of seasonal employment, you will be required to obtain a NEW card that will be valid during the entire term of your employment. We take food health issues very seriously. We've never had an issue -- and we never want one. PLEASE. (This is ALSO part of the application process. Again - attention to detail and personal responsibility.)

The Foodworker Test is easy - and it's online. Here's the link: FOODWORKER TEST 
The test takes about 30 minutes and it's easy. Make sure you are taking it from a computer or device that you can PRINT YOUR CARD from, as it will give you this option at the end of the test and it's a royal PAIN to figure out how to do it after the fact. Trust me. 

Please bring, mail OR email your application to blueberrykari@gmail.com along with a LETTER OF INTEREST FOR THE POSITION YOU'RE APPLYING FOR  to:

Blueberry Kari 
Blueberry Hills Farms
1315 Washington Street
Manson, WA 98831 

Right now we are looking to add a few
outgoing people to our upcoming summer staff!


Currently Hiring for Spring/Summer 2017:  



Personable & Outgoing (For reals.)
Dedicated & Responsible
(Showing up and being on time is CRITICAL)
Trustworthy & Honest (History of embezelment not a plus.)
Great Sense of Humor (We deal with the public. Just sayin'.)
Good physical condition (These positions can be pretty physically demanding position at times--packing bus bins, restocking drinks, etc.)
Cash register & retail experience a definite plus
Computer experience a plus MS Word, Excel would also be NICE, but not required.
Neat and clean appearance
A history of positive employment. We do check references.
Current Food Handler's Card