Good things!                                                                                                                             

We all know good things come in small packages — and the blueberry is a perfect example. This little super-fruit packs a serious punch as an antioxidant powerhouse and a disease fighter, among its famous other health benefits. But--we haven’t felt that way for long in modern history. Let’s go back a bit. 

For centuries, the Native Americans have known and relied on the medicinal powers of the iconic blueberry. And we, as the modern American consumer, have been told endlessly by parents, grandparents, teachers and preachers that we should “eat more servings of fruits and vegetables.” Ok. Dandy. But it wasn’t until 2008 when results were published from a study conducted at Center for Human Nutrition, at University of California, that things really heated up again for these bewildering bits of blue!

The study was entitled “Berry Fruits: Compositional Elements, Biochemical Activities, and the Impact of Their Intake on Human Health, Performance, and Disease.” Now don’t get me wrong. American consumers have always LOVED the taste of blueberries. We just didn’t know how incredibly GOOD they were for us – and why. So, when Navindra P. Serram published findings stating …“An overwhelming body of research has now firmly established that the dietary intake of berry fruits has a positive and profound impact on human health, performance, and disease. Given the wide consumption of berry fruits and their potential impact on human health and disease, conferences and symposia that target the latest scientific research (and, of equal importance, the dissemination of this information to the general public), on the chemistry and biological and physiological functions of these ‘superfoods’ are necessary.”
Pow! Right 'n the kisser!

And then? POW! Right in the kisser! Symposiums and conferences about berry health started happening all over the place! (I went to one in June of 2013 – fascinating!) Every form of worldwide media picked up on the exciting discoveries and shouted and touted them from every headline, byline, and sideline available! Large corporations with the deepest of pockets responded by throwing very, VERY large amounts of money into university based research focused specifically on what Native Americans have always known…that blueberries really are an incredible gift of nature! The word “Antioxidant” became a household word. People wanted to know – “Where can I get 'em?!” and “How can I get MORE of 'em?!”  From there, people started talking, thinking about and understanding the role of free radicals, and even more importantly—understanding how oxidation, DIS-ease, and aging process happens within the human body. And the very real connection of “you ARE what you EAT,” just like your Momma said! Finally, you listen!

Ok then! Now that I got your attention, let's get down to brass tacks, folks! Pull up a chair and sit a spell. Let's flip the long ash a bit, shall we?