Gluten Free Options

Food allergies are a really big deal today. I personally think it's due to (among other things) GMO crossed foods that should NEVER be crossed together. An example: They initially crossed soy beans with Brazil nuts - which is such a great idea for all the nut allergy folks out there.) Ok. I'll step off my soap box long enough to give you some menu options...

These following menu items are gluten free:

The Dunlap
Joe's Special
The Cowboy Breakfast (order with no toast)
Pepe Scramble (order with no toast)
Machaka (order with no toast)
Egg Breakfast (order with no toast)
House Salad (order with no croutons)
Chicken Salad (order with no croutons)
The Bikini
The Strange Salad
Gluten free salad dressings: Kari's Pink House Dressing, Ranch, Thousand Island & Honey Mustard

Any of our Burgers - (order with lettuce wrap instead of a bun)
Dr. Praeger's California Veggie Burgers (gluten free - but does contain soy, FYI) 

Food Allergies
We also have a food allergy book that lists ingredients contained in each dish. We are careful to keep it updated if we ever upgrade or change ingredients. If you have food allergy concerns - please feel free to ask for the book at the front counter where you order. We have only one copy of it -- so please don't wander off with it. It's a lot of work to keep up, but this food allergy thing is getting really scary -- and we're happy to do it. (Again - don't get me started on GMO!)


Hold menu at arms length, tip head back, slide glasses down nose & complain loudly. Prices, menu items & descriptions subject to change without notice, as this is a small town & we have to make our own excitement. Honey, believe me - we'd go to a dog fight if we got wind 'a it ahead-a time.


First... EGGS OVER EASY or POACHED are considered undercooked in these-here-parts and if ya git the trots it's yer own daggone fault. Ya' been warned.

Second...Honey, if yer bein' a pain in the rear-end orderin' a bunch-a substitutions, we got the right to charge ya extre for it. So go on. Live it up. We need the money.

Last, but not least...If you're ONE of the THREE mean people we git in a whole year (even if YOU don't know who you are, your friends & family do!) there'll be a surcharge simply fer putting up with ya. If yer bein' mean to our staff, we'll just assume ya'all are lackin' fiber in yer diet & need to spend quality time in the outhouse. Invest in some Fibercon & do it quickly. Remember: We're just a fruit stand. Be nice & REE-lax! This is supposed to be fun for us too!

Thanks folks!
Blueberry Kari