Your furry and fabulous four legged family members are always welcome at Blueberry Hills on our outside deck (which is available for dining at all times except cold winter months.) Just use the side deck entrance toward the main parking lot. We do ask that your fur children not be left unattended on the deck and also that you keep them on a short leash out there. Not all people are dog lovers and frankly we think they are insane for NOT being dog lovers. But we'll make up for it. I promise. ;) Let us know you've got one out there and we'll give you a free frozen beef marrow bone for them to enjoy on the deck while you're here dining with us! We want EVERYONE to leave Blueberry Hills happy!

WE ALWAYS WELCOME SERVICE DOGS (of course!) and consider them honored guests. WE LOVE HAVING THEM WITH US! 

If you are easily offended by a four legged family member's presence, then Blueberry Hills may not be the restaurant for you. We are very "family friendly" and by that -- we mean the whole family.