This cookbook was graciously given to us by our good friends Ed & Barbara Brown. They've been good family friends of ours since Dad and Ed met and roomed together when they went to carpentry school after they graduated from high school. The Browns planted a blueberry farm (appropriately named "Blueberry Hills," -- our namesake) back in 1969 in Rogers, Arkansas. It was the very first commercial blueberry farm planted anywhere within the South Central section of the United States. Like us, they were also told the plants would never grow in that climate and they as were wasting their time and money. After meeting with Dr. James Moore with the University of Arkansas, his enthusiasm was contagious and they became more determined than ever to make their blueberry dream a reality. They developed a very successful U-Pick farm and cafe that was made even more popular by the efforts and imagination of Barb's Mom -- Pauline Evans Gutherie (who now lives in Cashmere, WA). Her down-home scratch country cookin' brought rave reviews and a constant stream of pickers 'n eaters to their country farm! With family favorite recipes from her own kitchen, the beans, cornbread, potato soup, smoked hams, blueberry pies and danish yeast waffles kept 'em rollin' in! Giant tour buses would even make the 11 mile trek from the closest town...down a bumpy dirt road that delivered 'em to the front door 'a paradise--Blueberry Hills Farm! 

Here's a news clip from "back in the day" featuring Ed & Barb and their farm and cafe, Blueberry Hills...

The Browns never met a stranger. They rubbed elbows at the farm the likes of Conway Twitty, Johnny Russell, Dennis Weaver, and WalMart's Sam Walton, among many others. They'd settle in for the day at the farm and tell tell Pauline -- "Start cookin' Pauline - and don't quit until I tell ya!" She'd start at one side of the menu and continue cookin' until they'd eventually end up sound asleep in the back of the cafe on the fireplace hearth. It was like one big, happy, hillbilly family!

Sadly, Ed and Barb closed their beloved farm and cafe back in 1984 when they lost their blueberry plants to a devastating drought. They had 45 days in a row where the temperature was over 110 degrees and it literally cooked their beloved plants to the ground. Looking back, they wished they'd kept the country cafe going, as it had a fan base all it's own, but ya'all know how hindsight is. So, they cut their losses and moved back to Blaine, Washington, where Ed was originally from, and created Browns Kalmea Nursery, which they had for years. After eventually retiring, Barb still makes the flower baskets for Blueberry Hills every year. You know those GIANT, incredible wave petunia baskets that get to be the size of a Volkswagen?! Yep. That's Barb. Barb can be reached at 360-371-2489.  Pre-orders are welcome -- especially if you're interested in custom color combinations!

We sell Barb & Pauline's "Blueberry Hills Cookbook" here at our farm, Blueberry Hills in Manson, but you can also toss one in the 'ole shopping cart here on the website. The cookbook's full of all Pauline's family favorites that have been tried and true over the years. 

In the cookbook you'll find Ed's Mother's recipe for "Danish Yeast Waffles" that we serve in our restaurant. You'll also find Pauline's "Blueberry Pie Filling" that we use when we make our famous, award winning, farm fresh blueberry pies! Here's the link to purchase the cookbook online... :)

Enjoy folks -- and eat UP!