2019 Blueberry Plants for Sale 
Giant Sized Blueberries |  Late Season Harvest

Very Large Sized Blueberries |  Early-Mid Season Harvest


These are all Highbush plants - meaning they will all get between 6-8' tall. BUT - you can prune them to be however tall you want.

How to select the best plants for you?
I get this question a lot!

In OUR area you very likely will need to amend your soil. Blueberries like an acid soil between 4.5-5.5. IF you DON'T have the correct ph -- your plants will NOT THRIVE. No matter what you do! Go to Kelly's Hardware and pick up a soil test kit. They're cheap - and they're easy to use. Dad'll tell you straight up -- if you're not going to take the time to test (and potentially amend) your soil -- don't waste your money buying blueberry plants.

#2: Get more than one variety for cross-polinization. They will bear much better with a friend. :) Different seasons are fine for polinization - so no worries there.

#3: Look at the season the fruit is ripe. We suggest getting a plant from each season so it stretches YOUR fresh fruit season out.

#1: Make sure the Zone is appropriate for your area. Each of these varieties were selected because they are cold hardy enough for our area. So - no worries there.

These plants all have EXCELLENT grow tags on them to help you plant and care for them. We suggest leaving the tags on them as they grow so you can refer to them as necessary.

They will like a little rhododendron fertalizer -- but NOT VERY MUCH! Too much will burn the roots that are very delicate like hairs. When you're picking up stuff at the store -- make sure to pick up some Peat Moss as well. We suggest filling the soil half full with it and the other half regular loosened soil. But - again, the grow tags will go into all of that.

Hope this helps, folks! There's lots to learn, but if you follow these basics - and follow the grow tags advice, you'll have a bounty of gorgeous blueberries in your own backyard. Think of it. You'll be the envy of all your neighbors! :)

We don't set plants aside for people. First come-first served. We're open EVERY DAY FROM 8-3. Come on up and see us at the farm!

:) Thanks folks!

Blueberry Kari


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