Are We Organic?

Understandably, I get this question quite often. I actually got an email this morning, so I thought I'd share my response with you folks too!



Namaste Kari,

Where is your blueberry leaf gown? 
Is it organically grown?



Good morning, Leslie!

I appreciate your question, as I share your concerns about what we're treating our food, our land, and our bodies with too! 

Our Blueberry Leaf - as well as ALL of our products - are grown ourselves on our family farm at Blueberry Hills Farms, located in the beautiful Lake Chelan (Washington) Valley. 

Although we are not CERTIFIED organic, we use mostly organic methods, but we do occasionally use a random conventional method out of sheer necessity if something rears it's head unexpectedly and it threatens to destroy the crop. We do, however, irrigate the plants heavily AND the leaves get a really thorough washing prior to going into our dryer. We then crush, grind, and create our product line by hand in our farm restauran's pie kitchen during the off season. As a matter of fact, my Dad just cold pressed 1,100 lbs of blueberries yesterday and made 100 cases of the most INCREDIBLE 100% Pure Blueberry Juice. These orders keep my family and staff working throughout the year and makes us VERY grateful for our dedicated customers.
For a complete product line list, check out our website at: .... and then select SHOP ONLINE.

The farm has been in our family since the early 1900's, and our family has seen a LOT of years of farming the land come and go. I am really proud to say that we had MORE bees AND bumble bees on our farm this last year (2013) than we've EVER seen before, so I know we're doing a lot of things right. :)  

I am a 5th generation farmer (aka "New American Farmer"), and I'm currently studying "Radionics in Farming." Not light reading, but my desire is for our farm to become certified organic thru those methods. It's really a fascinating science! 

So, I wish my answer could simply be "Yes!"  But, as in anything else today, farming is complicated. The good news is that there's lots of science out there and more studies and trials happening all the time. And with the accessability of things with the internet, many things are possible where they never would have been before. It's a brave, new world!

Thank you for your interest in our Blueberry Leaf Products. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

Have a great day!


Blueberry Kari